The home page cache cannot be cleared

I modified my html page, but the previous page is displayed. After capturing packets and reviewing the logs, the analysis found that it did not reach the server and can be returned in the CDN. And keep the server closed, the html of the website can still be accessed. How to turn off the html cache, and I have closed the web of my origin server, why can I still access my old homepage and it is in 200 status?

May I ask are you using custom-made Page Rules?

If so, have you got any with the Cache Level: option set to the value Cache Everything maybe?:

If yes, kindly remove it. Therefore, navigate to Caching → select the tab underneeth Configuration and click on the button to “Purge Everything” to clear all the caches for your domain at Cloudflare Edge.

May I ask what is your domain name?

Does anything change when you temporary switch from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only) at the DNS tab, just in case?

Have you re-checked, are the DNS records accurate under the DNS at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

Kindly re-check if Cloudflare is allowed to connect to your origin host to as follows in the below article:

Nevertheless, Cloudflare IP addresses list can be found here:

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