The Host key verification failed

How often is the ssh keyscan executed?
I am getting errors in my builds due to problems accessing nodejs dot org (i.e. it ends up trying to build nodejs from source every once in a while) (unfortunately that log is gone, because I retried the build and it was able to download the node tarball that time and didn’t attempt to load from source.) What’s curious is that the build from source doesn’t build actually.

And I am unable to access github through ssh because the host verification keys are out of date

05:46:32.608	[2/4] Fetching packages...
05:46:39.768	error Command failed.
05:46:39.768	Exit code: 128
05:46:39.769	Command: git
05:46:39.769	Arguments: ls-remote --tags --heads ssh colon slashslash [email protected] slash ethereumjs slash ethereumjs-abi.git
05:46:39.769	Directory: /opt/buildhome/repo
05:46:39.769	Output:
05:46:39.769	Host key verification failed.
05:46:39.769	fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
05:46:39.769	Please make sure you have the correct access rights
05:46:39.769	and the repository exists.

How often is this one executed

ssh-keyscan -t rsa github dot com >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

It feels a bit like connections from the Cloudflare pages build system to the outside world are under duress.