The firewall on this server is blocking your connection

Hi I am having to an issue using cloudflare with my site.

I have been using cloudflare for years without issues with my site but just recently,
I started getting this error “The firewall on this server is blocking your connection error connection” and all the visitors to my site can’t access the site.

I contacted my host we disabled mod security but it’s still giving the same error. I was suggested to disable proxied for my A records in my cloudflare account and the error cleared.

I still want to use cloudflare. How can I find a permanent fix

Kindly note that I’m using a shared hosting with 4 domains using the same host and with my cloudflare just 2 of my domains are behaving like this. I have purged cached e.t.c but the error persists with cloudflare.

Can anyone suggest what I can do. ?

That’s clearly the firewall at your host that’s blocking connections.

What’s most likely is the server is not restoring visitor IP addresses, so it thinks there’s excessive traffic from just a few IP addresses (Cloudflare’s).


Thanks for your prompt response. I’ll see what I can do

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Hi, my host informed me that they’ve done what they can by disabling mod security. That I have no choice than to disable cloudflare.

My homepage now opens but after visiting like 3 pages including my back end the error pops up again

Is there anything I can do I personally, I use wordpress CMS and everything worked fine. This issue started within the last 24hrs.

The representative tells me that it has to do with my wordpress configuration.

Sorry, but this is coming from the host. They should be able to explain what’s triggering their firewall. Sometimes it’s a Web Application block, sometimes it’s rate limiting, and sometimes it’s a flat out ban on a connecting IP address. This looks like rate limiting, and there’s nothing you can do, short of changing hosts, if they won’t help.

Ok thanks. I’ll change host. Thanks for your guidance

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I have switched hosting. The error has been resolved.


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