The firewall blocks normal traffic

As I show you in the photo, the site is Greek and I only have visitors from Greece. Fortunately, I see only 5 blocked ips from Greece being blocked.
What can I do to exclude Greece?

What makes you believe this traffic was normal and not malicious? Cloudflare has identified the request in the screenshot as an automated (bot) request.

Because I believe that the specific address (url) comes from google…
Anyway, I don’t mind so I don’t do anything stupid…
Thank you for the answer!

Its not Google as its not a Google ASN - its Employee Union of Ethniki Hellenic General Insurance Company S.A


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So what is your opinion? Do you think it’s a bot?

Dont know - But as Cloudflare identified it as bot traffic then it probably is


Very old browser, could be a bot or a person with a very outdated system.


Should I leave it like that? And don’t bother…
I talked to cloudflare and it told me to exclude Greece from the firewall…
isn’t that a bit dangerous?

Unless you want to trust every Greek and anyone who has access to compute resources in Greece yes it is. But is solves the question as asked.


In the 450 visits, 4 were blocked.
Could it have any negative impact on google?

Are the settings correct excluding Greece from the bot fight?

To allow malicious requests from Greece? Yes?


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