The files of my website is still loading from my Namecheap server, not from CloudFlare


How much does it take to completely cache all the files of a website in the Cloudflare CDN?
It has been more than 48 hours but all the files on my website are still loading from my Namecheap server, not from Cloudflare. So, what should I do? And how would I know that everything on my site has been cached in the Cloudflare CDN successfully?


It really depends on what kind of files you’re serving, any cache headers you may have set, etc. HTML also isn’t cached by default and requires a “Cache Everything” rule. See docs post below for more info.

Cache is also never something that’s guaranteed. If an asset is accessed infrequently, it’ll be evicted from the cache.

If you can share your domain and any content you’re expecting to be cached, I’d be happy to take a look. You should be able to quickly tell what’s being served from cache or not from the cf-cache-status header.

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