The Expect-CT option is obsolete and will be removed

I’m getting an error on the Google PageSpeed Insights page;

Using deprecated APIs 1 warning found
Deprecated APIs will eventually be removed from the browser.

The Expect-CT option is obsolete and will be removed. Chrome enforces Certificate Transparency for all publicly trusted certificates issued after April 30, 2018.

how can i fix this? Cloudflare defines Let’s SSL on my site and I cannot change it.

  1. That’s not an error. It’s a warning, as clearly stated in the message.
  2. You can remove that response header with a Transform Rule:

Does anyone do this setting, I want to know why I am getting this error. Could there be a problem with my SSL Certificate?

Please let us know how to remove it, I read the article but could not figure out how to remove and fix the issue. Please write the transform rule here so we can fix it.

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