The exclude in _routes.json still trigger functions

I created a pages project for proofing of concept.

I would like functions to only be trigged when accessed through the top-level path, which is handled by function /functions/[catchall].js
For examples:

The result is work as expected. I can my code of [catchall].js trigged.

[catchall].js code is below

export function onRequest(context) {
    let result = "this is first level path: \n";
    result += "url: " + context.request.url + "\n";
    for (const header of context.request.headers) {
        result += "header: " + header + "\n";
    return new Response(result);

Beyond the top-level path will be immediately redirected to ‘404.html’ without invoking any functions, potentially incurring increased costs due to unwanted traffic.

For examples:

The result is also showing 404 as expected.

But I can see the total requests is increased in the Function metrics.

My question is how to use _routes.json to handle only top-level path.
Could someone assist me in achieving this? Thank you very much.

found out the problem. the problem is /favicon.ico after check functions stream log, so add /favicon.ico in exclude property

    "version": 1,
    "include": [
    "exclude": [

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