The email is not working, due to inaccurate MX Record, although MX Record looks accurate

The email is not working. According to the Hosting team, the MX Record is inaccurate in Cloudflare, although it looks accurate, which results in the email to not working.

Please help.

Domain name?

It says “does not seem to be a valid hostname”, maybe because it is a subdomain of your own domain. But it is a valid domain and resolves. However, there’s no mail server response when trying to connect to it.

What did your hosting team say to set the MX record to?

Thanks for your response sjr.

The hosting team say, that in the DNS Records (in Cloudflare) the MX Record is correct. See the attached. However, it shows as inaccurate with a hoax ‘subdomain’, and that result in the emails to not work accurately.

The hosting team wants me to seek help from Cloudflare. is proxied. You need switch it to DNS only.


That domain is missing MX records. You have an MX record on the mail subdomain, but unless you will be receiving mail addressed to [email protected], no MX record is needed there. You need to create an MX record for @ that points to if you wish to receive mail for [email protected]

It was there when I answered, honest! It was pointing to, hence my comment. The A record for that seems to be unproxied now.

@y.english.j, you need to put the MX record from your screenshot back in again.


Thank you both of you.
Please see the MS Record, which is now changed back to the original format above.

The host team say the following.
“Now you can log in to the email and receive email. However, emails can’t be sent.”

Any idea why we can’t send emails?

You will need to ask your email provider about that.

Our Hosting Team says the malfunction of the email is still due to the DNS Record.
They say, “Please check the attached screenshot and change the TXT record. You have added * (Star) in the name section. Please remove that and add your domain name instead of * star.”

The TXT Records were auto-populated. Do you recommend I make suggested changes to TXT Records?

That is your SPF record and you only need one. Delete the one with quotes. Edit the other one. Replace the * with @ and you should have what you need.

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Thank you.

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