The email html images are not seen in outlook by Hotlink protection

the email html images are not seen in outlook by Hotlink protection, how can I make it in outlook if the images can’t be seen if the Hotlink protection of the firewall is active, try putting the outlook ip in firewall of cloudflare but their ip are different from time to time reason why the images cannot be seen, which is the other way that in outlook the images can be seen without deactivating the hotlink protection ?, I await your prompt response, thank you very much

Either turn off Hotlink protection, or put images in a hotlink-ok directory.

thanks it worked, I followed these steps that he sent me I leave it so that anyone with the same problem quickly finds it
To allow hotlinking of certain images, use a special folder named hotlink-ok anywhere in your website’s folder hierarchy. For instance, to allow to use logo.png from, put logo.png in a new folder called hotlink-ok:

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