The domain purchase menu does not appear

I have a domain purchase menu, so I have a history of purchasing dozens of domains.

But one day, the domain purchase menu suddenly disappeared.

My partner’s screen

and my screen

Even if you use another browser, you can’t see the menu.
My partner has a domain purchase menu.
I’m the only one who can’t see the menu. So I can’t proceed with the payment.

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I think the issue might just be on your end (as the “Buy Domains”) is present on my dashboard!

Hi @thffntus0001 the option has changed to Registrar on your dash and I do see the option to do anything other than manage is not there. Unfortunately, I suspect this is due to some account issue that you will need to resolve with Support.

Can you email support AT Cloudflare DOT com and let me know the ticket number? I will escalate that ticket once you share it here. Sorry for the pain.


@cloonan I left an inquiry as you said.


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I have the same problem. Please solve it quickly.


Thanks for sharing , someone here will escalate it as soon as possible

It’s weekend , So Please wait & and except a reply as soon as possible

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Kindly, thank you for sharing your ticket number. I’ve escalated it.

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These tickets are escalated to the Trust & Safety team who will be working on them.

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