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Why has my domain name changed the nameserver and pointed it to cloudflare, but after so long, it has been in the pending nameserver update state. After using DNS checker, I found that this domain name has been pointing to two other nameservers.This is my domian name :

If you have removed then re-added the domain to Cloudflare then the nameservers will have changed. Your domain does not currently resolve.

You need to change from the nameservers currently set at your registrar (boyd and lila) to the ones Cloudflare is asking you to set (javier and pat according to your screenshot).

I have already done this, but it does not work. The first picture shows that I have pointed the name server currently set by the registrar to the name server required by cloudflare, but it does not work. Later, I used dns checker to find the name that the domain name currently points to. The servers are boyd and lila (which is what the second picture shows), but these are not the nameservers cloudflare requires to point to

Then you need to talk to your registrar. The nameservers need to be set to the ones Cloudflare is telling you to use. If you’ve set them at your registrar then they aren’t reflected in the .cf root which still returns boyd and lila.

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