The domain name is prohibited from being added?

I want to know why my domain name is prohibited from being added
It shows:
This web property cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time. If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, please email [email protected] with the name of the web property and a detailed explanation of your association with this web property.
Please tell me why

You will find out after you email the mentioned address. The community cannot answer that.

i do not understand your mean really,bro

Can you explain what it is you did not understand about the sentence?

u say community can’t answer me about the question?for why ?

Because “the community” is neither your customer success manager nor are we part of Cloudflare’s Trust and Safety team.

How should the community know why your domain violates Cloudflare’s policy? And for the reasons @cscharff mentioned. So again, you need to follow the steps you were told in the message.