The domain name does not match the certificate

Hi There,

I am running a dashboard app called Cyfe on a subdomain. But i get an Certificate error:

The domain name does not match the certificate common name or SAN.

I created a CNAME record that points from our subdomain to the hosting of Cyfe. What am i doing wrong?

Assuming your requests do pass through Cloudflare to begin with (orange cloud next to the CNAME DNS record, if it’s grey, click it to make it orange and try again later), make sure that your CNAME is exactly one level under you domain. i.e. if you have, then something like

If you go for something like will NOT work with Universal SSL, which supports only one level under the domain. Multiple-level subdomain is only supported with $10/mo. dedicated certificates.


The url I am trying to get going is

This hostname is not behind Cloudflare . The connection is going direct to origin :grey:. If you want to use Cloudflare’s SSL it needs to be proxied :orange: as @shimi mentioned.

Hi I put the orange cloud on, but now i am getting a to many redirect message:

Hi, I already did this. Also with support of Cyfe. They don’t know whats going on either…

Is SSL set to Full in the Crytpo tab? Should be that, not flexible.


This was the solution! Thanks!:grinning:

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