The domain is reserved?

Hello, I already have cloudflare’s dns and ssl certificate activated but when I enter my website I only see a blank page with the message “the domain is reserved”
I’ve checked everything and I don’t know what else to do …
what is the problem?


Is that supposed to show up?

If so, double check your DNS records, you probably have an incorrect address configured there. Does your IP address end in 53?

Reserved domain names are domain names that the central registry has held back from general registration

For example, the .ME registry has held back certain premium domain names that you can only register by application.

You mean i can’t use external ssl on my domain? like cloudflare or letsencrypt…

No, where did I say anything remotely like that? All you need is a certificate on your server but you seem to have that. The issue is a wrong IP address.

sorry that answer was directed to dikkyhardian

Well, it might be a good idea to address mine :wink:

Yes, that’s the home page …
I couldn’t see it, I got a message “the domain is reserved” in google chrome, edge, firefox and epic browser, pc and mobile device …
I had also tried to clear cache …
But now I have made a change to the hosting and the response message is “domain not available”

Well, the answer is up there. There really is not much more to say. You need to check what was mentioned.

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No, you can use ssl from cloudflare or letsencrypt
OK i see you domain NS :

are you add right IP address on your host? and add orange cloudflare ? on your DNS in clodflare?

Precisely what I mentioned in the first posting. You have the wrong address configured and need to update your DNS records.

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Yeah!! Fixed, a simple newbie problem …

Thank you very much to all !!

You are welcome, my pleasure.

I have a question…
Why doesn’t it automatically put my ip server?

How should Cloudflare know your IP address? Only your host does. If it changes you need to update it.

jajaja it’s true… :sweat: :sweat:
thank you very much!