The domain is pointed to Wix, does not connect

The domain from cloudflare is pointed to Wix. Both cloudflare and wix say it is active. But the site does not open, have tried multiple browsers. Different error message from each browser. Example message: the page isnt redirecting properly

If your DNS records are proxied, make sure you SSL/TLS setting is set to “Full (strict)” here…

If still problems, then try setting the DNS record to “DNS only” - not sure if Wix requires this.

Otherwise, what is the domain?

Thank you very much. I just changed the setting to FULL.

The domain is

will try it again now.

The new message

Only use “Full (strict)” in case you come back to proxied.

As mentioned, set the DNS records for Wix to “DNS only” as they probably need to validate them to generate your SSL certificate. Once that is done, you can try them as “Proxied” again, but it may not work (or you may need to be set back to “DNS only” every 3 months to update the certificate).


Apparently, we are only able to use the pointing method… because from what we can tell, cloudflare will not allow us to forward the domain via dns nameservers, without doing a business upgrade (at $200/month). We just needed the domain name. Not a business account. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

You don’t need to change the nameservers, follow instructions here (from what you have said, you have already added the records to your Cloudflare DNS).

As I said, make sure the records are set to “DNS only”.

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The custom nameservers on the business plan don’t do what you think they do, anyway. They just let you use names in your domain on Cloudflare nameservers. You still will be using Cloudflare nameservers.

The correct solution is to

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