The domain is not loading


Hello everyone. I am using cloudflare for my website. I recently added a subdomain, but I cannot see anything to edit.
please help me with this problem
I have tried removing cache and etc. but it didn’t work


You don’t have any DNS record for that hostname. Add one pointing to the destination where your domain is hosted.


can you please describe more?
what do you mean by that?
actually in my hosting panel(cpanel) there are records for it…
but idk what you mean


You need to add DNS records in the Cloudflare Dashboard for that domain. If you have records in your hosting panel they need to be transferred over to Cloudflare. The hosting name servers are no more interrogated since you moved to Cloudflare.


do i have to add all records or…?
which ones I have to add?


and as a general question, will cloudflare add the records automatically after some hours or I have to add records manually?


All that are needed, normally it’s all of them, but that is something you should know what to do.

Cloudflare looks up and adds a bunch of the most common records (if presents), but that happens at on-boarding, not after the domain is already active as now they would query themselves since the domain is delegated to them.


I added all the records related to the sub-domain but still have the same problem. it didn’t work


Works on my end.