The domain is not getting activated in cloudflare


hello…here is the domain …the nameserver is already set to cloudflare’s one 7 hours ago…dns querys also shows the cloudflare nameservers but in cloudflare it says that the nameserver is not the cloudflare’s one.

anyone can tell me from which dns server cloudflare checks a website’s nameservers???


The nameservers appear to be set correctly. Try clicking the “re-check” button.


yes I know that the easiest solution is time for overall dns propagation…but can you tell me which dns server used by cloud flare to detect the nameservers of a domain?so that I can check manually the dns propagation.


You did not address my question.


Also, check that your DNSSEC configuration is proper. That might be a reason as well.

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7 hours is a very short time when it comes to NS propagation. I expect 24 hours, but sometimes have to wait up to 48 hours. Right now, it looks mostly propagated:

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Thank you…I have deleted the DNSSEC from my register at the time of at the time of changing the name server to cloudflare and i also disabled the DNSSEC from cloudflare while adding the domain.

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Well I am doing this each hour from last 7 hours aftter setting the domain…


In that case I would open a support ticket.

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Thank you all for your time and support…The problem is automattically solved now.