The DNS Records for Mailing Service

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I have recently ported to a new web hosting provider. The provider has given me the DNS entries related to “A” and “MX” records to be updated on CF.

Now, the MX record target has an entry in the A record which is pointing to an IP. Thus, CF is throwing a warning notification that using such a configuration will expose the Server IP.

For the “A” record, I can do “Proxied” but the MX record does not have that option. It shows “DNS only” as the only option.

So, the MX record is where the warning is being displayed.

The hosting provider says that the entry they have given is valid and that I should check with CF for the warning.

So, any pointers? Can this entry create Security problems?


In order for mail to work, the related A or MX records cannot be proxied, as mail delivery requires knowing the server IP address.

It’s normal for Cloudflare to display the warning, but in this case you can just ignore it.

Don’t proxy the A record. Mail delivery will fail, as Cloudflare only proxies websites.

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Thanks Eric.

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