The dns records are messed up. i cannot open the site

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I am getting Error 1000

Ray ID: 81f715888e771f20 • 2023-11-01 21:03:22 UTC

DNS points to prohibited IP.

need help

I would recommend following the guide in

I think that my entire dns record is messed from when I tried to fixed it originally, without seeking assistance. I started of by trying to use pages to upload a PHP site and since php does not seem to be working with Cloudflare, tried it through another hosting service via C-panel, and that’s where I started getting more error messages. I now have an error 522. Not sure where to go from here

Error 522 means that your host didn’t respond to Cloudflare. I would try pausing Cloudflare and see if you host responds correctly first.

Thanks will do that just now

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