The DNS Record Details API does not return the correct record


I’m using the DNS Record Details API to record a domain.

I recently noticed that the number of records returned by this API is correct, but the same records are duplicated, and as a result, not all records can be taken.
I can check all records with the dig command.
I got it when I recreated the record that I couldn’t get.

Is there anyone with the same problem?

It is incorrect.
It may be possible to take it.
However, there are times when other records that were taken last time cannot be taken.

If you are retrieving a list of records via API make sure you are paging the results.

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Thank you for your reply.

I checked the paging part by looking at your comment.
I found that the page size was smaller than the constraint.
It was solved by making the page size larger than the constraint.

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