The DNS look-up is taking much time

The DNS look-up is taking much time, please support. I am using digital ocean server and cloudflare is the registrar

Can you please post the test results you’re seeing?

Please find the attached screen shot.

The DNS lookup is the first blue tiny sliver on your first request. As that first bar is 1.07 seconds, the DNS lookup time is an insignificant portion of that. <100ms.

Then what’s causing that long 1.07 S? Any help could be really appreciated!

Our website link is

Your first response there is for the HTML and is not cached by Cloudflare - 1 second is pretty reasonable for an origin where it is dynamically generating the response from a database. I notice you’re running Wordpress - if you want a speed boost beyond what you already have from the caching of all of your static resources, you should use APO:


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