The DNS A Record of my Subdomain is removed Automatically After 2 days

I have added my website that name is to Cloudflare. I have created the Subdomain of my root domain and added the A record into the Cloudflare DNS. But after some days I faced an issue, the A record of my Subdomain is automatically removed from my DNS. I have added this again but after every 2 days, it is automatically removed from the DNS. I have also contacted my hosting expert, and he always asks me to add the A record & contact Cloudflare. Please tell me what is the actual issue happened with my website.

Below I have attached the Picture of my website.

It looks to me you’re using ezoic on your site. Check at ezoic. The Error 1016 is thrown when the IP cannot resolve. You may read more here:

There are similar articles on ezoic related issues. :search: in the forum.

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thanks for sharing this information but, the issue is showing on my website as DNS not found I have below attached the picture. I have added the A record but it was automatically removed from the DNS Tab.

Cloudflare doesn’t delete / modify entries for customers so… the most likely cause is you have an integration/ automation tool which is overwriting/ deleting the entries. You can look at the audit log to confirm. Ezoic is the most common source of this (but far from the only possibility). Changing the API key, modifying the integration or managing it through there are the best next courses of action.


Thanks, this is helpful for me. I do have not deep knowledge of the Cloudflare settings. Can you tell me where I can check the audit log option in Cloudflare?

It’s under manage account in the nav bar or Account wide products in search.

Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 10.22.01 AM
Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 10.23.05 AM

thanks a lot for sharing this information.

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