The developer is holding my website and doesnt want to give it to me

Dear team, the admin side of my app is hosted in cloudfare, we had issues with a developer who first didnt deliver the app as it was requested so we had to rebuild it. Now he doesnt want to give me access to the admin side that is hosted here, the page s what can I do in this situation. I have all the proves needed to show that the domain belongs to my company and I have all the proves that show how he behaved in unethical way. PLease its urgent, help.

Cloudflare doesnt host.

It is unclear what your question is about. If it is about the domain (which hopefully you control), just readd it on your own Cloudflare account, switch the nameservers accordingly, and the domain should be active on your own account.

If it is about anything else, you’ll have have the legal course of action, you can take.

Thank you Sandro for your prompt reply, when we got the app it wasnt mentioned that our admin side was in cloudflare but that it was in digitalocean (im into technical side so I trusted the former developer), but yesterday when talking to my new developer we found that the domain was here and not in digitalocean as the first developer said. So basically I dont control this domain and need to have it transfered to me. WE are llaunching the app in few days and sincerely I dont know what to do.

The domain is and it is yours?

I mean I am not into technical stuff.

its mine its part of the website a registered company in Europe. at the bottom of the website you can see information about me my name is Yassine.

I cant find that information, but if is yours and you cannot control it, you’ll only have the legal course of action. That is not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

in story at the bottom of the website you can find abut me, or just google my name yassine darkaoui . My question is if I can get hurt if the guy has the domain in his account, I am afraid to get hacked/attacked by him once we launch as things gt very tough with him few months ago and he read my message but doesnt reply. We hired him in freelancer website.

I am not sure what you mean by that.

The primary question is, is that supposed to be your domain or not. If it is, and you cannot control it, you will need to take legal action to get it back. Again, that is not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

OK Sandro, so only a legal action can fix the issue. Yes its my domain. Thank you for your help.

Yes, if you need to control the domain but you cant, you can only take the legal path.

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