The default file name provided by Cloudflare Images is Weird

Do you know what happens when you right-click and select ‘Save Image As…’?
It will be saved with the name you set as Variants.
For example, if you use variants named ‘public’, the default file name for any image is ‘public.webp’.
What does this mean?
Why can’t I save with the original file name?

Even weirder is when using Flexible variants.
If you use ‘w=400,sharpen=3’ as the example in the document, the default file name is also ‘w=400,sharpen=3.webp’.

Are there any settings related to this? did i miss it?
I wonder if the Cloudflare team has plans to improve this.

Hi, do you want to add filename to delivery urls, i.e.… ?

we don’t have plans to add Content-Disposition header to delivery urls.

would it be suitable for you to use a download attribute Download attribute | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc, although you’d need to use custom domain to avoid showing browser warnings of nefarious activity

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