The connection doesn't switch from LTE/5G to Wifi automatically (Warp/iOS)

The iPhone’s Warp client fails to switch from the mobile network to Wi-Fi automatically, even after a prolonged period. Consequently, users continue to consume mobile data from their cellular plans instead of utilizing Wi-Fi.

This issue has not been encountered with other VPN clients on iPhones in the past. Is there a setting within Zero Trust that can be configured to compel the switch from LTE/5G to Wi-Fi?

Is there any other solution for that problem?

I have the same Problem.
I’m using the Cloudflare One app on my iPhone to secure my internet traffic. Unfortunately, my entire mobile data allowance is used up when I’m logged into my Wi-Fi. How can I prevent my data allowance from being used while connected to Wi-Fi without disabling the app?

I can confirm that the problem still exists for me as well. For this reason, I only use „Gateway with DoH“ instead „Gateway with Warp“ mode on my iPhone.

It would be great to get some feedback from Cloudflare or others?