The CNAME records don't seem to be updating or available on any DNS provider

I have recently setup a domain and I have no A record, just CNAMEs. Is this the reason my domain is not resolving?

What CNAMEs and domain have you set up? Can you show a screenshot of your DNS records?

the www works but without it, it doesn’t. Shouldn’t it work just the same?

It is working ok.

The apex domain ( in this case) must be an A or AAAA record, not CNAME. Cloudflare will let you create a CNAME there to make things easier, but when you query it, it will always return the A or AAAA record that it resolves to in order to comply with that requirement; you can’t see the CNAME publicly.

You can see they resolve, but the CNAME isn’t shown for the apex domain.

dig +short

dig +short

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