The CNAME record was entered correctly but it is currently malfunctioning

The CNAME record was entered correctly but it is currently malfunctioning.

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Can you be more specific with what you mean by:

  1. What are you doing?
  2. What are you expecting to happen?
  3. What happens instead?

If you are seeing A and AAAA records returned by DNS queries of your hostname, that indicates that the hostname is :orange: proxied. That is expected behavior. If you must have a CNAME returned, you will need to set the hostname to :grey: DNS Only.

Would you like for me to be specific in the open forum? complete with screen shots and everything? Would that not add security issues to the current list of problems?

Your published DNS records are public, so I’m not sure how sharing them here could possibly create a security problem. While I didn’t ask for screenshots, sometimes they help. They aren’t necessarily what we need yet, though. Can you answer the following questions?

The answers to those three questions are the bare minimum necessary for anyone to be able to offer any specific help.


Cloudfare is currently my registrar and my domain host. My current domain is thechristinamethod
The https is populating but not the “www”, also noticed I was not getting the global traffic I was expecting , so i did a cname trace through dnc checker and as I thought the cname is showing up as not existant even though it’s entered into my dns settings on your site.

correction DNS checker not dnc

The DNS query results that you are describing match the expected behavior of a proxied CNAME. When :orange: proxied, Cloudflare will publish synthetic A and AAAA records that return Cloudflare proxy IPs.

When I visit your site using the www hostname I am redirected to the apex name or naked domain and it appears to load just fine.

Are you having a problem with the site?

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yes…also please check the attached screenshot

That screenshot doesn’t indicate any problem with your site. The empty results are to be expected for the impossible query you submitted.

Due to rules that prohibit the existence of CNAMEs at the same label as other record types, you cannot have a CNAME at the apex of a zone. This means you will never see query results for a CNAME at the root, like If you are using a CNAME in your apex name on Cloudflare, it uses a technique known as CNAME flattening and just like any other :orange: proxied hostnames, it will be published as A and AAAA records that return Cloudflare proxy IPs.


oh ok. now it’;s making sense to me. thank you for the clarification.

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issue is resolved…thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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