The cname record is added but it is not showing

i have setup my Cloudflare account for my cloudways website.
when i check my dns record, the a record is all good but de cname record cant be found. Did i do something wrong or is this something Cloudflare needs to fix for me?

What CNAME record is missing? Could you please send a screenshot of your DNS tab (make sure to redact IP addresses if you don’t want those to be public)?

The CNAME record has been successfully added. However, CNAME records are flattened when the proxy :orange: is enabled.

This means that they are published as A and AAAA records that resolve to Cloudflare proxy IPs. Queries for a CNAME record type will not return an answer, but the name will still resolve and pass traffic to your origin server through the Cloudflare proxy.

Thank you! i am not sure if i understand everything correct. First time making a website. If i would make a second website, will this go automatic now if i do it trough Cloudflare or do i need sending another message? anyway, thank you for the help

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