The CNAME couldn't be verifeid[AWS amplifi + Cloudflare]

I have hosted an application on AWS Amplify, and I get a URL after deployment looks like this BRANCH.SOMESTRINGID.amplify,com. I want to change my URL to a subdomain of my domain (which is hosted by a third party, cloudflare). I have gone through the AWS Documentation and I have added a CNAME record into my DNS but after 24 hours I shows that the CNAME couldn’t be verifeid.
Steps I followed:

  1. Add domain
  2. Entered my domain (3rd party hosted)
  3. Added a subdomain
  4. Added a CNAME record in my DNS provider

You didn’t post an actual hostname for us to troubleshoot, but if it’s set to :orange:, that’s often the cause. CNAME verification usually requires that record to be :grey: DNS-Only.

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