The cloudflare support services is a low quality service

I am having issues with cloudflare services and the AI service is answering NO SENSE answers.
This is the worst support service i ever seen in my life

All i need is to open a ticket to solve the problem and it is impossible.

I do not recomend to use cloudflare as a service when an issue comes and migrate the domains or services with issues to other provider instead of waiting to be solved by the AI.

Raise a ticket hereā€¦

If you are on a free plan, you can only raise tickets for Account, Billing and Registrar queries. Technical support is through the Community or Discord.

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Can you share a link to where you are looking for help?

The last ticket I see from you is from years ago and was resolved to your satisfaction.

I do not understand what that means. Can you rephrase it and/or explain what it is you are trying to accomplish, what you have tried, and what results you are getting?

Thank fully, humans are here to help. Let us know what you are trying to accomplish.

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I have to say, it is really POOR customer serviceā€¦free plan or not, they should have some kind of customer support for their product. I am so disappointed in this

I understand things can get frustrating but there are few details to consider:

  • cloudflare has the most generous paygo/free tier offering on the industry, non enterprise customers, even if they are on the business plan, tend to result in losses due to the amount of features included in those packages, just the WAF alone is better than anything else you can get on the market, even when compared against some enterprise-level products.
  • The community (forum & discord), are active, only posts without details or rude behavior tend to be ignored.
    This path can get your tickets and cases escalated to the right people @ cloudflare very rapidly, regardless of the package or amount of money you pay.
    All the community requires from you is some effort while reporting the issue you are facing.
  • Support is available with guarantees for those on the enterprise plan. Paygo users (free, pro, business) should consider the service to be provided as-is, without guarantees or expectations to meet deadlines, if its important it will catch the attention of support sooner but, you should always have the right expectations and know that most tickets will take a while to get solved, especially if the agent isnā€™t able to provide a solution with the first reply.

ya this is not great, if you share what replies the ai is giving you, that would help the team figure out what went wrong.

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