The Cloudflare support makes me disappointed

I am a loyal customer of Cloudflare and I use the service for almost 4 years. I used the load balancing service early this year and never use it again, but I got charged by it continually in recent months for no reason. I submit multiple tickets, to tell the truth, and I want them to help me cancel the load balancing service so that I won’t get charged for no reason again. Sadly, the support team never helped me and they only send me the refund policy. today is billing day again, and I can see there is a 15 US dollar charge on the invoice again. Please let someone help me. It would be especially helpful.

Please post the most recent ticket # and we can escalate it to the billing department.

First, though, make sure you have no subscriptions listed under your Profile.

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Hi @8gbddr3rom I see the most recent ticket with Support and the earlier ticket(s) from the end of September indicating the service was due to end yesterday. That may be why there is no edit option showing on your dash. I merged the most recent tickets into 2282286 and the team will work with you on that ticket. Sorry for the issues.


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