The Cloudflare send me "Missing email from a to b"

I want to know why Cloudflare sent me an email asking ‘Are you missing an email sent from,’ without providing any reason.

My Gmail is working, I can receive and send all emails

A such message normally happens when you’re sending an email from the final destination through your routing, that will be routed back towards the actual source.

For example, if you’re routing [email protected][1] towards [email protected][2], and are then trying to send a message from [email protected][2] to [email protected][1].

Some email providers, such as e.g. Gmail, if they are both the source and final destination, as indicated with [2], would silently be discarding these messages, because they believe it is a duplicate.

This causes confusion for many people, when they are not receiving the message they send (towards themself), even though everything looks fine otherwise.

The email typically helps with that confusion.


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