The Cloudflare messes with other servers


I am new to the concept of Cloudflare. I have learned about this when I was working with one of my clients site hosting company to hear the site is not actually hosted by them but by Cloudflare (or the combination of two). Of course being very confusing, I couldn’t use the ftp to upload or download all the content of the site.

  • Now, as it says on Cloudflare website, it doesn’t mess up with our individual hosting, but in this case it did!!! Why? Any explanation would be appreciated!

  • Second it says the site wold be much faster. Well it is not. The ranks 16 mobile 30 desktop on Google page speed insight. So no change here either.

  • I wish there was a support phone call I could ask all these questions. Unfortunately they hide behind and not willing to deal with people’s issues. That is another downfall too!

So relying only on the community help, will someone shed a light on Cloudflare system please?


Cloudflare is not a host, you still have a web host, your traffic just goes through Cloudflare.

What did it ‘mess with’?

Please do a search on these forums for this, it has been discussed many times.

They have a support ticket system, but phone support is for Enterprise customers only.

Have a look on for resources, if you have a specific question about a feature then you can ask about it here.


Thanks for speedy reply :slight_smile:

  • The site is hosted at Net Nation. In the past they were able to help me with anything related to the files and folders and ftp. Now everyt ime I call them for help specially since Cloudflare is setup they refuse to help and they say your site is not hosted at our end but it is at Cloudflare, so call them fro answers. That is why I say it has messed up with our server. I have no where to go to get help with the server!!

  • The ranking is bad, well OK I do a research in the ocean of forum to find an answer! I just read from their introduction that it should speed up the site up to 60%, well in not in our case.

  • As for support ticket. I am new and just signed in hope of getting some answers. And I went all around the site and didn’t see any support ticket via email. All I found was the knowledge articles and the community forum help. And thanks to you to be here :slight_smile:


You will just have to explain to the host that, just because they do not have the DNS for the domain, they are still hosting the website. It just shows that they don’t really understand Cloudflare! Hosts love blaming things on Cloudflare when often it is them!

login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

There is a ‘Get more help’ button where you can open a support ticket. We are generally happy to help here on the community though!

No problem! Happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:


Your host obviously does not (or pretends not to) know how Cloudflare works and - given that Cloudflare is not exactly a small player in that field - this would somewhat question the competence of your host - or their honesty.

Under these circumstances I would consider switching host to be honest.


Thanks for reply. I have been so confused when they said that. Even they have shut down the full ftp access on me. I can’t upload the files. How could they not know about Cloudflare? Its bizarre. They just look at the whois info and they say it is not hosted at our end.
So just to confirm, since I didn’t set up Cloudflare for that site, I’m not sure, but to confirm Cloudflare is not a hosting company that I can get access to our ftp via them, right?


If they are really just looking at whois to see if they are hosting a site, I would be inclined to agree with @sandro’s earlier post!

Cloudflare should not affect FTP with your host. You should definitely still be able to access it with them.

The only thing it may be is that any DNS records for FTP should be set to :grey: rather than :orange: in Cloudflare or accessed via IP.


What do you mean by this? grey cloud vs orange cloud?


I would strongly suggest to read


In Cloudflare, your DNS entries can be set to either :grey: or :orange:

What does :orange: do?

•The orange cloud means that traffic to that hostname is running through Cloudflare

•This includes

-Masking your IP


-SSL (if enabled)

Grey means the traffic is bypassing Cloudflare.


Whoever set this up for them I think meant to add SSL and speed up the site. So for this reason did they need to have the orange for SSL, traffic and speed?

I think perhaps they left ftp as orange? Maybe that has caused the problem.


Yes, the domain should be set to :orange: for these benefits.

It you access the FTP of the site via a subdomain of the site, this may be set to :orange: which would cause an issue. This is the same with other records such as mail.

This tutorial covers what should be set to :orange:
Enabling the 'Orange Cloud' :orange:


Yes, I actually was working on a subdomain to copy the site from the beginning to figure out what causes the slowness. So maybe that’s it.
I have no access to their cloudflare account so can’t change things myself. I’ll see what I can do.
Thanks for your insights :slight_smile:

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To add: try accessing FTP via the actual IP address. Since CF masks the IP, only HTTP traffic will be proxied, so your FTP client to won’t be able to connect. FTP via the IP directly should mitigate this.


Thanks, that might work. I will check.


Hello @helen1 I just checked out your hosting companies site and many parts haven’t been updated since 2009 and others suffering from certificate issues. The writing may be on the wall for NN. I agree with @sandro their lack of support for a simple issue should be enough.

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