The cloudflare JS challenge is 5 seconds' wait. any chance to turn only 3 seconds

i surely 100% want the Cloudflare JS challenge ,because my is under attack .
but the JS challenge is 5 seconds , its too long for my customers to wait
any chance to change the 5 seconds to only 2 or 3 seconds . how to do it ?
urgently for it .

No, it is not customisable. Several safeguard steps happen when that challenge shows and - even though five seconds is an arbitrary length - I doubt reducing it would improve security.

If you dont like it your only option is to disable it altogether and switch to a more selective and targeted approach using access and/or firewall rules.

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we can do lots of things in 5 seconds . customers would leave the site too.
5 seconds is really something long to wait .
and in the firewall rule , no any better choice than 5 seconds .
if there is 3 seconds challenge, which would be the best to choose .
Cloudflare is a large and reliable company . its strange no better choices in the action of the firewall rules

To be honest, I dont think five or three seconds is much of a difference, but feel free to disagree :wink:

If you still want to change that you can certainly open a support ticket but I shall be surprised if they would respond anything different. You can also open a product request topic of course and hope people vote for it.

Hope customers think 5 seconds is short to wait .
Anyway if there is 3 JS Challenge in Firewall rule. i would prefer to 3 seconds.
here is not for support ticket ?

No, this is the community forum, to open a support ticket:

Login to Cloudflare and then Contact Cloudflare Support

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thanks sandro and domjh .
am contacting Cloudflare support now .
little luck to get a better 3 seconds . but i would like to try

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