The "Cloudflare" button in CPANEL software section is missing

When I search on the web for cloudflare panel inside CPANEL : I see this

but in my CPANEL, this “cloudflare” button is MISSING !!!

I contacted Cpanel, all they say is check this PDF

but those instructions requires a HOST_KEY from the cloudflare partner program :frowning:

My regular cloudflare account DONT HAVE THIS KIND of key.

It’s been days => I contact CPANEL, I contact Cloudflare => it’s like no one knows what to answer me on this.

when I do this

curl -d ‘act=cpanel_info’ -d ‘host_key=----the-api-key-from-regular-not-partner-account’ I get this :
{“request”:{“act”:“cpanel_info”},“result”:“error”,“msg”:“No or invalid host_key.”,“err_code”:100}

so what’s going on ???

it’m not asking the moon !!! I simply want what is shown in this kind of tutorial :

please help me

That documenation is quite a few years old. As I hear, that plugin is no longer usable. Maybe @cwaters can poke around and see if this handbook needs to be removed.

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ok it’s maybe old, but is there a way to have this button ??

because the partner program emails me “Thank you for your interest in Cloudflare’s Partner Program. Your application is currently being reviewed. You will receive an update to your application within 5-10 business days.”

I found this Cloudflare Plugin Inside cPanel | cPanel & WHM Feature Requests

“Cloudflare will no longer be updating our cPanel/WHM plugin and it is soon going to be marked end of life It won’t work on cPanel 88, because cPanel API 1 framework will be removed So we are left with no options regarding Cloudflare integration whatsoever.”

is there any plan to have a newer version ??

Thanks for the tag @sdayman. I’ll look into deprecating that handbook - as for questions around support for a newer version of the plugin, I’ll have to defer to other internal folks.


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