The client certificate does not contain an intermediate certificate

Dear community, I created an “Client Certificates” via Cloudflare and am trying to add it to the “Edge Certificates” section, but I am getting an error: “The certificate chain you uploaded cannot be bundled using Cloudflare’s trust store. Please check your input and try again. (Code: 2100)”, I believe because the issued certificate does not contain an intermediate certificate.
How can I get an intermediate certificate?

Client certificates do not go in the edge certificates section. What are are you hoping to accomplish and what guide are following?

I need to renew a certificate for a domain configured in Cloudflare. Previously I hosted certificates issued through DigiCert in “Edge Certificates”, this time I wanted to make it easier for myself to issue a certificate and do it for free through “Client Certificates”. The option using “Advanced Certificates” is not suitable.
I thought that through “Client Certificates” I could get a full-fledged certificate, but the created certificate did not contain an intermediate certificate and separate search for an intermediate certificate did not yield any results.

Client certificates are not edge certificates and cannot be used as edge certificates, so this is not surprising.

Can you please explain more clearly and completely what you want to achieve, so that the Community can point you toward a more fitting solution?

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