The certificate was revoked by the certification authority


I receive this error:

The certificate was revoked by the certification authority

Here is my URL:

I have never seen this error or made any changes to my account recently. What steps must I take to solve this issue? I have an SSL certificate through GoDaddy, but my site’s DNS is now hosted on Cloudflare. The DNS is still valid.

Is this URL the one you see:


I can access that specific link just fine from here.

Looking at the domain name itself, all certificates that are issued for that domain (and, according to the expiration date would normally still be valid considering the dates alone), doesn’t seem to be revoked at all?

Can you share a screenshot or so, where/how you see this indication of a certificate being revoked?

Here is the error that I receive. My site is hosted on Windows Azure. I think the issue is over there.

That issue is not related to Cloudflare in any way.

My suggestions would first of all be to make sure that the QuickBooks (as well as all other software on the machine) is 100% up-to-date.

If that alone doesn’t solve the issue, you would need to contact the support line for that QuickBooks software for further assistance.

Alone if you Google “quickbooks application with revoked certificate” (based on the title of the window in your screenshot), you will get a lot of similar results.


Thanks. Looks like an issue on Intuit’s end.


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