The card is not added

I filled in all the fields (number, date, address, etc.), click “Continue” - all fields are reset, the card is not added


I Have the same problem

I’m same as you.

Hello, I think I do all things for adding payment method, but nothing changed, I can’t add Credit Card or Paypal, no more information when processing it. No remind, but just can’t add any payment method.
what’s wrong with this?

Same here. Oh, well. No response either, so I will just go renew with another registrar.

Just tried to setup a client and we could not add a CC or Paypal account, the form is just broken and there is no good way to contact cloudflare.

Same here.

Same here

Noting that when I peak at the network traffic I see a 200 ok get to braintree, a 200 ok put to and then a 404 error with payload ‘{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“code”:1208,“message”:“No payment method associated with the specified account”}]}’ on immediately afterwards.

I can’t add a card. When I press “Confirm” it clear all fields.

Hi all,
Sorry for the trouble with adding your payment methods at this time. I have escalated this within our engineering team and expect confirmation that this has been resolved shortly. If you have sent a ticket to [email protected] then you can expect a response as soon as we have confirmed a resolution to try again.


Please retry now as we have confirmation that this is resolved, if you see any further issue please reach out through a ticket to our Billing Team!


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