The cache is contaminated with junk files or hijacked

Confusing question:After opening the cache, I visited a page that is not my website.
When I opened the homepage of my website, my original homepage was in English, and my website did not have Japanese, but the opened page was in Japanese, and it was not the content of my website. It was used for almost a year and suddenly appeared. This question makes me very confused. Does anyone know what is going on?

Your site most likely got compromised. Check that with your host.

Whats your domain?

dear sandro,thanks very much for your reply. my domain is
I can’t figure out if my host is compromised, but why is it normal after clearing the Cloudflare cache? After a while, there is such a problem.

I dont get a redirect but the following

I guess thats all right, correct?

I’d suggest you also scan your local computer for issues.

hi dear, it is correct. But after a while, opening will display such a page.

How can I scan my server? I am a newbie.

Please clear your browser cache to refresh my website, you can see that it is now a garbled page.

A “while” is how long? That would suggest your site has been compromised with some JavaScript which redirects after a certain time passes.

I was referring to your local computer. But in any case that topic would be unfortunately beyond the scope of the forum here.

I had your site now open for about two minutes and did not get any redirect.

I’d start scanning the local computer first, then continue with the site, though for that I’d suggest you contact your web developer first.

All right, after clicking around a bit I did get that page too, so we can rule out an issue on your machine.

I’d take this to my web developer or (if you have a managed service) host.

Would you feel comfortable sharing your server IP address here?

If you feel comfortable sharing your IP address, post a screenshot of your DNS records.

If not, check that you www record points to the same address as your naked domain. The issue only seems to appear on www, not your naked domain.

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please check the screenshot of my DNS records.

if have any quesiton,please don’t hesitate to contact me

Are these IP addresses all the same?

yes. all the same

I think it is definitely not a problem with my web server. If it is, it is impossible for the naked domain to open. The www is not normal, and the idea that supports me is that I turned off the cloudflare cache function and everything is back to normal.

Well, that issue only appears on your www record. The content there does come from Cloudflare’s cache. My assumption would be your server returned that page for some reason and that got cached on Cloudflare’s side.

Try purging your cache for starters.

Also, you should fix your site. You have plenty of mixed content. That make proper debugging impossible.

After I clear the cache, everything on the website will return to normal, but after a while (I don’t know how long it will take), there will be such a problem. You said that my website has a lot of confusing content, please say more. Specifically?

Not “confusing” :), “mixed content”. Please use the search for that keyword, there are plenty of such threads.

You havent purged your cache yet, right? Do so and we can take it from there.

But if you say it briefly works, the assumption would be your server does return that content intermittently and that gets cached at some point. The best advice would be to have your server scanned for any such issues.

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Yes, I haven’t cleared the cache yet. I am clearing the cache now, wait a minute.

All right, you seem to have purged the cache and now the right content gets served from it.

But you should nonetheless check your server, as Cloudflare is very unlikely to just “invent” that page but must have got that page from your server at some point.

Actually, my bad. It does not seem to be mixed content, but rather a a CORS issue, because is referencing resources from but wouldnt be allowed to do so because of the CORS policy.

But anyhow, that is not primarily related to your content issue.