The cache function problem

I’m using DIVI of wordpress.
When I stop the cache function, I can see all the element.
But when I using cache function, some of elements on my website can’t show.
How can I fixt it?

What do you mean by “cache function”? Is this a feature of DIVI? Or are you referring to enabling a specific Cache setting at the Cloudflare Dashboard? Or is this related to a Page Rule? Or a Cache Rule?

For instance, when I disabled cache function on my website, I can see all the elements.
But when I use cache function, some elements are gone.
I asked DIVI team about this, they only tell me it’s cache function problem.
But I don’t know How I can fix this problem…

Some elements are gone.

Any one could help?

I still don’t see an answer to my initial reply.

I don’t know the answer.
I didn’t use any page rule, only default setting of Cloudflare.
What I know is when I use ?swcfpc=1 after the url, everything is all right.
But when I open the url without it, some elements are gone.

Are you using APO for WordPress?

No, I’m using free plan.

What’s your domain?

This is the page that has most problems.

You seem to have no caching set at Cloudflare other than standard (which does not cache HTML). I see the page with missing elements, even though Cloudflare cache is set to DYNAMIC for this page.

So the missing element is an issue with your cache plugin, Super Page Cache for Cloudflare. This is not an official Cloudflare plugin, and we have no access to it. You should ask for help at their support forum.

I see.
Thank you very much for your answer.
At least I know where the problem might happen now.

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