The best application to upload files to a site that has SHTTP?

I tried Cyberduck but couldn’t get it to work.

What I’m looking for is something that will let me upload HTML files/images to a website that now has an SSL on it.

The SSL works great, but I can no longer edit my site. I confess, I’m not great with technology, so any help is appreciated, thank you.

How did you edit it previously?

Cloudflare do not proxy protocols like FTP, so you should configure Cuberduck to use the IP address of your FTP server, and not

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Hi Michael,

I used to use Kingzilla… but when I try to use the IP address now, it says that it will expose my details on the net.

Nothing anybody can do about that if you want to use FTP, and that was always a problem you had. (But you might have accepted the warning message so long ago that you have forgotten). Try a better file transfer protocol, like SFTP, FTPS etc.

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What says it’ll expose your details? You don’t need to toggle the hostname to :grey: DNS Only. Just don’t use a hostname in your FTP program; use the IP address instead.


Yeah, when I try that via Filezilla it talks about exposing my details.

I’ve got Cyberduck now, but it’s saying it can’t connect to the DNS.

Even the IP address won’t work now… it’s very confusing.

I’m really not sure what to do with resolving this… would it be better if I cancelled the SSL and paid for one from the hosting company?

Then this has absolutely nothing to do with Cloudflare. You’ll have to ask your hosting company why you can’t connect to their IP address.

I will do, thanks.

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