The bare minimum level of support or lack there of is insulting

Need assistance settings up domain, various questions. Keep getting bounced around for support, very disappointed

I even signed up for pro to try and get over the phone support which is non existent what a joke

I mean it shouldn’t be about a question of not having it, its a bare minimum requirement for any company to extend support via something other than a useless bot and email support that takes a month to receive a reply

I signed up for pro and I still havent heard back

Phone support is only for Enterprise customers - did you see it advertised for Pro?

What are they?

The SLO is a week for Pro but that’s only a SLO - if you want chat support then that’s Business.

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Questions that would be better elaborated over the phone or over a zoom remote session, being limited to a online forum even with “official Cloudflare staff” seems like a watered down version of reddit

You’d need to either hire a consultant for this or get Enterprise and talk to the then available Solutions Engineer.


Guess what I tried both, completely useless, I’m running a humble home lab environment, and if I have to pay 200$ month for the enterprise plan just to talk to a human that is absolutely absurd

You are talking to humans here, but Enterprise is more 5000$/month.


Yeah a human over a forum, thats about as useful as throwing KB articles at people and making tickets impossible to create because for some strange reason, basic customer service is not in cloudflares interests, can you provide me remote support? do you work for Cloudflare? or are you just paid to keep the free 99 tiers at bay here

Honestly, you are getting replies in about 5 minutes here, you wouldn’t even get that on Enterprise support for most issues.

We will happily help answer your questions here, if you want to talk to someone in a meeting then you either need to get a consultant or discuss your options for Enterprise with Sales.


I’d just like to add onto what Dom said: you wouldn’t get 5-minute responses on Enterprise issues almost anywhere.


No. Get and hire a consultant, that’s what those are for.


I’m not even paid.


if thats what it takes , but I’ve tried that route, and its 200$ for live chat support- I checked, calling the Cloudflare number is hilarious, they can’t even see the status or direct you on tickets made, whats the point of having a “phone support” line that offers no support?

The honest answer is that if the questions were asked 30 minutes ago when this post was created, they would have probably been answered instead of 30 minutes of back & forth arguing the semantics of what each plan offers.

Business ($200) does not entitle you to phone support, as already said.


Again, the Emergency hotline is for Enterprise support which is far more expensive than $200/month.

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It’s a Sales phone number, not a support phone line.


I paid for pro and still haven’t received a reply to my ticket, what does that show

As already said, Pro SLO is 5 days.


Depends how long you’ve waited.

The Pro plan SLO is 5 days, as already said.

Just ask your questions, this will probably end up being closed as off-topic if we keep ranting over support options.

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yikes, maybe its time i try cloudns chat support for 2.95 a month