The access not routed to the closest Cloudflare server

We have website running on the Cloudflare. While our customer trying to have access to website across the world, we find the all traffics going to Cloudflare server in US instead of to the closest server in Europe, Asia etc.

What is the website? Where is the origin server located?

You can use to show which Cloudflare data centre is serving the request from the client.

The website is, the original server is located in US.
I did that testing and find when I request website in China the server is taking my request is in IDA node, not in HKG node. My question why it is not going to the closest node?

Routes from mainland China are forced by the China ISPs. China mobile I know routes most, if not all, traffic from our factory site in China to an exit node in LA even though the server is in Hong Kong and another is in the UK. Only from there can Cloudflare see the connection (*) so it appears to be in the US.

My UK request to your site shows colo=LHR as it should, so for non mainland-China users, all is ok.

(*) unless you are using Cloudflare’s special China network product.

yes, you are right. I test requests to website from outside mainland China, it shows good and reach out to the desired Cloudflare node.
Saying Cloudflare special China network product, what is that? It would be helpful with this situation?

The China product is for enterprise customers only, likely isn’t cheap and requires China regulatory steps to be satisfied…