The a record

I need to update the A record to my previous IP address as it has changed for some reason? How do I do this?

Go to Dashboard > DNS and edit the A record containing the current IP address, change it to the desired one.

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Thank you for asking.

I am wondering a bit why it was changed to an old IP, if so may I ask if you are using eZoic or some other 3rd-party platform? :thinking:

You could check what the old IP address was for that particular A hostname by navigating to the Account → Audit Log and find out why and figure out in which circumstances it was changed.

Therefore as @cbrandt suggested, by navigating to the DNS tab of Cloudflare dasboard for your domain name, click on the “Edit link” next to the desired hostname to edit the IP address.

Useful articles which include instructions and pictures for help with navigating the DNS tab at Cloudflare:


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