The A record didn't update

Hi there,

I have a technical question regarding the site We updated the Name Sever for this site from CrazyDomain to Cloudflare one month ago. However, currently, the A record for the site is not right. It is pointing to and It should be Could someone please have a look at this issue for us? Many thanks!

That is to be expected when Cloudflare is protecting your site.

You have the A record proxied, so Cloudflare IP addresses are returned when queried. User requests go to Cloudflare so that protection and other features can be applied before being forwarded to your webserver at the IP address you provided.

If your own IP address was returned (as it would if the A record was set to “DNS only”), requests would not pass through Cloudflare and your site would not be protected or use other Cloudflare features.



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