That little tear in my eye

I was so surprised that I could move my domains to Cloudflare, so happy about it. Moved a bunch and quite happy with the results, amazing tools too. Just great.

But when I found out I couldn’t move my Canadian domains (.ca) to it I nearly shed a tear…I don’t know why those .ca domains are not available for transfer yet…what’s the deal / hold out ?

Had to transfer those to a separate registrar with a tear in my eye…

That was my rant of the day! I really hope .ca support is coming soon to Cloudflare! Just an amazing company!

: )


ccTLDs are supposedly in the works. I guess it’s easier said than done. At least there are still other really good registrars out there that don’t charge much more.

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Yes I did indeed find another one for my .ca domains in the mean time, a pretty good one too but still, it’s not just about prices. Cloudflare gives me options others don’t. Thanks for the reply!

What options does Cloudflare give you that others don’t?

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All the extra network tweaks, caching and security options…too many to name. Some registrars out there are really in the stone age. : )

These must be available when you add the CA domain to Cloudflare as a zone. But I see where you’re coming from. I’m hoping that Cloudflare’s work in ccTLDs is done soon. Have a bunch to transfer.

These are all not registrar related however and a registrar cant offer them, respectively you can use Cloudflare’s service also without their registrar service.

Yes that is true indeed. Still, will be nice to have all my domains at the same place when the .ca’s get supported.

Ok, not sure how to do that though! I’ll do some research! Thanks.