That elusive "Re-Check Now" button!

Can’t find the DASHBOARD on which the nameserver update RE-CHECK NOW button should be. I’ve spent ages searching and couldn’t find it anywhere, despite perusing zillions of Cloudflare articles!

I’ve been active in IT, all aspects, since 1966, the last 20 years or so a full-time software engineer, so it’s perplexing me not to be able to find a (should be easy to find) dashboard.

I’m ready to be humiliated by your answers (that I should have figured out by myself), so please go ahead and heap coals on my head!

THANKS in advance!

:slight_smile: Sometimes we doubt ourselves too much

It should be on the Overview screen at

Could it be that your domain simply is already active?

If not, if I remember correctly there were some cases where the button didn’t show up, in which case that would be something for a support ticket.

Though, Cloudflare should also check by itself in regular intervals (the recheck button simply makes it faster).

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