Thanks to Cloudflare my website is down

I had 8 dollars unpaid on my account. They just removed my load balancer from my account (seriously, they removed the whole thing), which took down my website. They took it down on the week end so they are not responding to email as well. Website is still down, even after paying the balance and recreating the loadbalancer. Not sure who to contact since they don’t have a direct way to contact them.

This is amazingly disappointing. I am writing an article of “Why you should not use Cloudflare”

I’m confused. Are you complaining that your services got removed after not paying for the services? Cloudflare has a grace period; it seems unreasonable to blame Cloudflare if your services got removed after not paying neither on time nor after the grace period.


I am saying they never told me that they going to remove it on a specific date. They just internally decided that they gonna remove it on a weekend when no one at Cloudflare works and they just removed it. I was blind sided.

FYI, it is up and running now. But Cloudflare can be more transparent and specific when it come to this type of issues.

I had a similar issue but caught it before anything went down.

There was a small $5 bill due on one account. There was plenty of money in the account for their company so I don’t know why the automatic debt didn’t come out? And I did not receive any email notification about a billing issue.

The email shouldn’t be been blocked or caught in spam, we’re using Microsoft365 as an email provider for that account, and I check spam daily. I was getting other emails from Cloudflare such as the security warning email you receive upon logging into the account.

Recommendations for Cloudflare
I’d encourage someone at Cloudflare put further systems in place to solve any potential billing issues; but I wouldn’t blame Cloudflare for what it sounds like you @ypharitha are essentially saying ‘I didn’t pay my bill and Cloudflare stopped my service’.

「1」 I would like Cloudflare to offer a similar payment option to Google Ad’s where we can make a bank transfer into an account, and that will automatically show up as a balance in our Cloudflare account.

「2」 An option to pre-pay fixed subscription costs and then post-pay the variable. This way at least the balance for the fixed subscription costs like Business plan, Workers, Load Balance, and Rules, can be paid upfront so if any billing issue happens then we will effectively have an extra 30 days to take action.

「3」 To offer more payment methods including UnionPay. We sometimes have banking issues because our bank in China needs to give us a special Visa/MasterCard which as a seperate account that we need to manually top up regularly.

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Sorry to hear about this, perhaps the billing expert (@Laurie) could help you!

Hi @ypharitha,

I checked our system emails and it does indicate that you were sent emails for 5 consecutive days regarding the payment not completing. I have added those records to the ticket that you sent and reassigned it to our billing team so that they can share these details with you.


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