Thanks to Cloudflare, Desktop site much improved, but mobile site still unoptimized

Dear Cloudflare community,

I’ve recently helped a client to optimize their website.
Thankfully the desktop experience has been much improved, however the mobile site still haven’t enjoy the same. The mobile site for example did not receive CDN, header expiry among other services.

Additional details:
The domain is by tmd hosting where the dns is pointed to Cloudflare. I do have Accelerated Mobile Links enabled.
The website is built by using Shopify.

I would appreciate your help on how we can resolve this please.

Performance reports:
Desktop –
Mobile –

Not much you can do on your end. Everything bringing down your score seems to be to Shopyify’s CDN. I visited your site and it loads quicker than the reports suggest and it wasn’t slow at my end.

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Hi Withheld, thanks for your response. The thing is, the CDN issue for the desktop site was resolved, but somehow those issue still persists for the mobile site…

Any thoughts on that?

(PS. I’ll contact shopify as well on this)

The effects of requests, scripts etc., is “generally” more noticeable on mobile devices. I’m sure Shopify can shed a lot more light on this issue.

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