Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank You!

I have used your service for a little bit now, and it just works. I confess I am only a “free plan” user currently, but I’m not big time. However, going through what I could do, really gets me rethinking.

You can wipe this post, as there really is no question involved. I just wanted to say I appreciate you, and what you have given to the web. What you have given to me.



I was going to say I was also a free plan user, but this year I switched my personal domain over to cloudflare registry so I’m kind of a paying user–except the domain registry isn’t making cloudflare any money?

I’m paying half as much as before (I was paying 10, +5 for email but now I switched MX records to a free forwarder), so cloudflare is saving me more money than when I was a free user!

Thanks cloudflare!

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